Stone Temple Pirates

More than just another STP Cover Band, Stone Temple Pirates is a true STP Tribute Band that accurately executes the music and the look of a STP concert! Imagine a Rock and Roll Tribute show, so realistic, it will overwhelm your senses of sight and sound. Stone Temple Pirates is that band, and STP its inspiration! Based in Atlanta, GA, Stone Temple Pirates has faithfully crafted an amazingly accurate show, incorporating memorable stage elements from past STP concerts with “spot-on”replication of a 90’s STP show. According to audiences and fans across the world, Stone Temple Pirates is truly The Next Best Thing. No other STP Tribute Band or STP Cover Band sounds as close to the real STP as Stone Temple Pirates. This quartet has left no stone unturned to deliver the most accurate tribute to STP. Stone Temple Pilots has been nominated for six Grammys and has sold over 40 million records and Stone Temple Pirates astonishes playing all their hits. Stone Temple Pirates is available for clubs, festivals, weddings, birthdays, christmas parties, fundraisers, concerts in the park, churches, Armed Forces Tours (USO Tours), as well as private parties and corporate events within the U.S. and around the world. Stone Temple Pirates – The World’s Greatest Tribute to STP!

Brews, Bands, and BBQ at Park Tavern: You can never have too much Megaphone. Ever.

by Liz Thompson Attaway

This was my first year going to Bands, Beer and BBQ at Park Tavern. There was a whole lotta cornhole playing (get your mind out of the gutter!) by a bunch of young-uns and a stage full of music. Did you know Park Tavern has their own brew? It must be relatively new or I just forgot! That tends to happen a lot to me. I tried their Porter and it was impressed with it for a very small steel barrel brewery. I didn’t try anything else as I moved on to light beer. It wasn’t one of those events where I could sample and tell you what beer was the best or worst. It was more about the music for me, so I’m going to focus on the main attraction for the night: Stone Temple Pirates.

One day you wake up and you realize the fact, “I’m getting old!” We say that more frequently around the house now especially when you realize that your favorite band, Stone Temple Pilots, is 20 years old. Let me school you for a minute. Their first album “Core” was big in 1993 when I was a little young-un in high school. It wasn’t until “Purple” came out that I was really introduced to the band (1994) and started my life-long love affair with Scott Wieland. No, I’m not in love with him. No, he is not on my hot list. My love affair comes from how much I enjoy his voice and his music. He has one of the best ranges and voices of any rocker out there! Have you ever had a band that you just could talk about for hours because you know almost every word of every song on their first two albums? This is that band. After “Purple” came cringe-worthy “Tiny Music” but I’ll forgive them since it gave me the song Ladypictureshow and Seven Caged Tigers, followed by “Number 4” which was a much better mix of old and new STP including Glide and Sourgirl (which I use for my email address and get strange looks for it, followed by explanation that I’m not sour). “Shangri-La” was a little weirder and heroin-y for my taste and that crap they put out a few years ago when they reunited, I’ve decided never existed. DO NOT TALK ABOUT IT. The MP3s have been deleted. Be glad I only gave you a long paragraph over-view of the best band on the planet because I could go on for days. Ask John. He knows.

So with all that, you know how much I love this band and to find a good tribute to my well-tuned STP ear is hard to find. I think Stone Temple Pirates are pretty good all things considered…  No one can have Scott’s voice but he is pretty good at immolating the master as well as dressing like him (cowboy hats, shirtless, cop hats, shirtless, you get the picture), and wields the all-important, cannot be forgotten megaphone. Scott loves his megaphone. I almost think of it as his trademark.  Anyway, the songs sounded just about right and the JT’s voice was as close as you’re going to get to Scott’s so bravo guys. I’m going to have to see you again because you are probably as close as I’m ever going to get to actually meeting STP. Hey, is STP coming back to Atlanta? It’s been too long since I’ve heard Dead and Bloated into Sex Type Thing intros or encores… Please don’t tell me they are recording a new album though (covering ears and saying “lalalalalala”). Check them out at (or search “stone temple pirates” on facebook) and see where you can catch JT swing his megaphone.

The festival was put on by Atlanta Bar Tours and USA Entertainment. Thanks Jonathan Colon and Shane Aubrey for your hospitality. They have a lot of fun and interesting (in a good way) events about town, visit them at or

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