Stickman is comprised of veterans to the Atlanta music scene. Jay Tee, Drock Bentley, Trent Horne, Mike Froedge, Mike Martin and Troy McLawhorne. They are mainly a studio band. But occasionally will do a show when they aren’t off touring or playing in one of their other bands. The music is melodic with a hard edge.
Stickman’s debut, “Pull” is a gem of a rocker with aggressive modern overtones that keeps the sound fresh while unabashedly paying homage to classic and alternative roots. Trent Horne’s grooving multi-layered guitars set the foundation for this soundtrack that you’d want to crank up while driving with the windows or top down. “Pull” features an array musicians no less impressive: showcasing hard-hitting Mike Froedge (of Zakk Wylde’s Black Label Society and doubleDrive fame) on drums; – Jay Tee and Derek Bentley (You, She) on vocals – who both provide some unexpectedly gritty and sweet harmonies alike; and Mike Martin (Stuck Mojo, Fozzy) weaves several sizzling guitar solos throughout the album. GNR or Van Halen fans looking for something with a current twist? Stickman slakes that thirst with “Pull’s” hard rocking goodness. – Kadria, INVIOLATE