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Oct 08, 2014
After hitting the studio over the summer Stickman’s back with some new material. Locked in Open Sky Studios with Mike Froedge, James Terry and Trent Horne and the addition of Troy McLawhorn. We think you will like the new material. Check out, "Isolation" and let us know what you think.

Jan 12, 2012
Stickman's debut, “Pull” is a gem of a rocker with aggressive modern overtones that keeps the sound fresh while unabashedly paying homage to classic and alternative roots. Trent Horne’s grooving multi-layered guitars set the foundation for this soundtrack that you’d want to crank up while driving with the windows or top down. “Pull” features an array musicians no less impressive: showcasing hard-hitting Mike Froedge (of Zakk Wylde's Black Label Society and doubleDrive fame) on drums; – James Terry and Derek Bentley (You, She) on vocals – who both provide some unexpectedly gritty and sweet harmonies alike; and Mike Martin (Stuck Mojo, Fozzy) weaves several sizzling guitar solos throughout the album. GNR or Van Halen fans looking for something with a current twist? Stickman slakes that thirst with “Pull’s" hard rocking goodness. – Kadria, INVIOLATE